Monday, March 21, 2011

The everyday...and the excitement!

Right now, I'm:
-liking that homemade laundry detergent (we went for the Duggar's powdered version and have since learned that all ingredients can easily be found at Ace Hardware)
-managing baseball practices with Boy Scout campouts and a 'wandering' toddler
-planning a day out at the railroad museum
-planning a garden, a landscaping redo, and a kitchen cabinet painting session (or weekend!)
-adding sunscreen and bugscreen purchases to my errand list
-digging out the flip-flops
-dreaming of my outdoor shower and having to settle for hosing those muddy,fun-loving boys off in the driveway

Certainly, signs of spring and outdoor fun are surrounding us here in the south!  70 degrees all week long!

With the flurry of spring to-do's around here, I've got a little something (well, someone) keeping me a little more grounded these days.  Imagining all of the wonderful growth occurring of that little someone right now has me in daydream mode for sure.  Daydreams of 10 little fingers and 10 little toes and praying for perfection in all that is formed between.  We have already been so blessed.  Sure to share all the excitement that this new someone brings to our home.  Wondering if I'll need to change the name of the blog?!?  We'll see!

Can't believe we'll be back to these days in a few months!  (**this was our version of sunning away the jaundice and yes, measures were taken to keep the wee one warm!)**  And this one will be a big brother, too!

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