Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Corners of my home...my favorite pieces

With all of the excitement of the little someone, the nesting instincts are in overdrive once again.  There will definitely be some rearranging and regrouping of our stuff.  Taking inventory is always a good idea (for insurance purposes alone!).  But, these things must stay.  They each have a story and a special memory and I hope to have them forever or pass them down to those I'll love forever.
These are some of my favorite pictures of the boys.  Printed onto leftover paper and placed into mismatched frames, they somehow make that big, honking flatscreen a little softer.

This was my mom's little chair.  I can remember reading books in it.  Now it's part of a little nook for the boys.

The five panel door came out of my uncle's old barn.  Repainted, it made a nice (and cheap!) old headboard.

This pair of little tables serve as our nightstands...geez, never really noticed those ugly cords...must add basket!

love, love, love her.  We found his in a neat little place (actually an old airport hanger) on the way to Florida.  I believe it was called Duncan Ponder antiques.  Just could not leave without her.  Says 'Violets for perfume' on the back.  When you see something that you know you'll regret not leaving with...just get it!  You must!  You'll never regret it.

My husband (geologists that he is) brought this cross back from a salt mine in Columbia.  There is a whole Nativity scene carved out underground there.  There's an idea for a post.  I should share the pics from his (business) trip there.  Really neat.

This pair hung in my husband's grandmother's entryway.  The frames are really intricate.  Sort of revolutionary war era scenes (my interpretation sounds very 'Christie's'auction professional,huh?)

A homestead claim from the family..signed by Grover Cleveland

A really old map we found in Victoria, B.C. of a lake named after us! (you never know!).  Reminds me of our wonderful time spent in B.C.  Sea-to-sky highway-pre-olympic days.  Should share those pics as well.  Beautiful place.  Hubby did his thesis work there.

And sometimes, it would be easier just to throw this out than to clean it!  But I guess we'll keep it after all!

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