Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Appliqued Shirts

My mom whipped these up in like an hour with the garanimals cheap-o shirts from walmart.  Will I ever be able to just'whip something up'?  Hard to be motivated when I have her spending every waking moment making such cute things as these on the uber-expensive machine!

The gingerbread haunted house was would make his stock bakery scooby cake "just perfect, mommy".  Oh, my Halloween boy.  Purple was a delish fondant made for me by a super-talented coworker and black was wiltons gel-icing. Yes, I went extreme last year with the first cake (8 hours allnighter extreme).  Swore I wouldn't do it to myself with the double party hoopla this year.  Identical due dates...but no cupid between the two of them.  Ahh..maybe next time (what?!?what did I say!).

So the party bags were valentine candies in grab bags from dollar tree...I tied their character themes in by using these thank you signs. 

A little shy, but so obviously delighted all of the fuss is about him.

The very topheavy cake that, most importantly, contained all of the elements that were so very important to make that boy feel extra special!

Beloved Emily, how often do I hear your name.

This fiesta was at a little local pizzeria and deli down the street with an arcade/gameroom/kiddy rides that was not quiet as overwhelming as "The Cheese".  We really had a blast...and all of my guilt over not having the homemade cake...the cheap favors...home party...was overridden by the smiles on their faces (and the fact that Daddy had the flu all week before!).  Sometimes we don't realize how much God steers us until we look backward at the direction of the path he led us on!

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