Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's

Posted by PicasaThe boys loved stomping on pop-pops.  Big brother had his first go with a sparkler this year.  They're a lot different now than the ones I remember.  These were like little colored flames.  The old ones actually sparked, which was probably more dangerous.  Wonder how many of those fake rabbit-fur coats ignited in the eighties?  The last photo is one of those that will always make me smile.  I was content letting the men handle the fireworks, but the baby kept wiggling to be set free from my hip.  Swapping hip-baby duties with daddy, it was my turn to light up the sky.  Jimmy cackled as a ran from the lit bottle rocket like I had just ignited a grenade.  Next year, I vow to be a spectator only.  Yes, I used to dress up and be all pretty and sparkly for New Year's Eve.  Yet this year, I'm photographed wearing sweatpants and houseshoes.  Hmmm...speaking of resolutions.

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