Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More First Birthday Planning

So, I'm still thinking all about that upcoming first birthday next month.  Our second almost Valentine baby.  I ordered the invite from shutterfly, using this pattern.  I pasted in photos from birth until now.  It's crazy how much his features changed in those first six months.  With that done, I moved onto favors.  I've been saving baby food jars for a while now, remembering vaguely that a friend made a favor out of these and looked here and found some inspiration.  And now my whirlwind of a brain began thinking about the cake.  Ambitious, maybe.  But I can plan for creativity, can't I?  One thing I have learned on this journey of parenting three is that you have to have a backup plan.  Mine is wal-mart bakery.  I'll be sure to post pics of the final event.  We'll see how much of plan A changes to plan B.  Sometimes, I think I just enjoy the planning.  Like that 10 year anniversary trip this summer....hmmm.

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