Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prepping for Sale

We're working tirelessly to meet our deadline of for-sale sign in yard by Easter.  As you can see by the pictures, we are in full prep-mode.  We have officially begun to cross into the territory where this is no longer feeling like our home anymore.  Taking the pictures of the boys down in the hallway was an extremely emotional process for me. Taking steps like that make me feel like I'm flailing in the wind.  I take extreme comfort in being 'settled' in a home.  Knowing that we are probably at least 1.5 years away from finally 'settling' makes me extremely uncomfortable.  I'm finding comfort, though, in simplifying our life by downsizing our 'stuff', which makes cleaning and 'showing' a house easier.  I'm also looking forward to when all the work is over and we can spend the next few months focusing on baseball and weekend adventures and planning and dreaming of our new home and staying away from this desolate one as much as possible to keep from constant cleanup.  I think that the warming of the spring days would also be extremely helpful with my spirits.  It's not a slight downer that it's spring break in the south and we're outside with coats and hats on.  Moving with kiddos means that things like double ear infections and sleepless nights and discipline and making -time-for-1on1-time and grocery budgets continues even when you're tired  and feel like using the tv as a babysitter. And the tooth-fairy doesn't take a day off, either.

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